Artist Spotlight: Erin Duffy

Now that we are experiencing colder temperatures and a little more couch time this season, evermore pictures 2  we can’t say enough about wrapping up in a thick cozy Evermore Living throw. We are so pleased to showcase Erin Duffy, the artist and owner of Evermore Living. Why do we love Evermore Living products so much? Well, for one the blankets are some of the coolest and coziest throws you can wrap yourself up in! The vibrant  colors and designs are so unique, pretty and pleasing to the eye. Inspired by her Nana who worked in the 1950’s in a wrapping paper factory, Erin was in love with the mid-century design and graphics from this vintage wallpaper. After a history of working in industrial design, she decided to combine her love of design with the integrity of an environmentally progressive  business. Thus she created a line of products that focus not only on design but on function and simplicity as well. She wanted to create products that were built to last by a company that prides themselves with sustainable and environmentally conscience practices. And that she did!

evermore pictures 1

Made in the USA, Evermore Living’s products are made with pre-consumer recycled cotton. She sources leftover new material from large apparel manufacturing companies. This material would normally end up in a landfill or incinerator, but is recycled and reused instead. These fibers are further sorted eliminating any chemicals, pesticides or dyes. Sounds like good environmental practices to me! And if that isn’t enough, Evermore living is committed to supporting the American workforce and domestic manufacturing providing jobs right at home!

We think Erin’s throws and pillows are fabulous and it’s so important to remain environmentally conscience in any business. As consumers, we can do our part by supporting local small businesses who implement these wonderful ideals.Come visit the Summer House, pick up an Evermore Living blanket, wrap yourself up and stay warm this winter!

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