Artist Spotlight: Teresa McCue


Teresa McCue is a local artist whose dreamy watercolors have long been a fixture on the walls of Summer House.  Her vibrant landscapes inspire a sense of calm and peace while pulling you in with a humming energy.  We recently asked Teresa about the creative process for her, and here is what she had to say:



“I make paintings that pay homage to nature.  Living on the seacoast provides infinite inspiration, the ocean and the marshes continually shifting with the seasons.  My focus is less about the actual scene and more about light and spirituality.  Imagery is intentionally simplified.  Sometimes it emphasizes the force of nature.  More often it evokes something ethereal: a landscape with a dreamlike quality.  I think of the painting process as a series of adjustments.  I may start out with a particular idea in mind, but once I begin, I allow the creative process to lead me.  I give emphasis to the emotional impact of color.  I do a great deal of layering; making subtle adjustments in value, hue, and intensity and in so doing enhance the richness of the painting.  The intended result is opulent, atmospheric color; something I hope is felt even as it is seen for the first time.”

See more of Teresa’s work in our Fine Arts Gallery.