Bringing Nature Indoors – A Trend That Never Goes Out of Style


Cabin fever has set in for many of us during this particularly cold and snowy winter.  The frigid air has kept our windows shut for too long and has left us feeling disconnected from the outside world.  Adding a little nature to the insides of our homes is the perfect fix and can boost feelings of happiness and hope.  Here’s a list of our favorite ideas to add natural beauty to your home.



  1. Add a green houseplant to your shopping cart next time you’re out to improve the air quality in your home and bring some life and beauty to any room.
  2. Treat yourself to some fresh cut flowers.  Not only will they add a pop of color, but they can also help combat “winter blues” so common this time of year.
  3. Create an indoor garden with a decorative terrarium.  With their special display of earthiness, they bring an instant touch of the organic outdoors into your home.
  4. Fill bud vases or narrow vintage bottles with large single leaf stems – it can bring botanical beauty inside at very little cost.
  5. Use natural objects like stones, driftwood and shells to enhance vignettes around your home.  houseplant5We like the look of a glass hurricane partially filled with beach stones or sand and topped off with a pretty pillar candle.
  6. Instead of storing fresh herbs in your refrigerator, snip the ends and tuck them into a wide glass of water.  Keep them near a kitchen window for easy access and a cheerful touch.




Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.  It will never fail you.

Frank Lloyd Wright