Shed Some Light

lamps photo 1


The right lamp can be a dramatic focal point in a room.  It’s a great way to instantly update your décor and balance the arrangement of furniture in a room.




There has been a tremendous surge of new designs from several of our lamp vendors with extraordinary shapes and textures to choose from.  Metals, glass, wood and ceramic are some of the materials that are seen more frequently these days.  Each adds its own unique touch.  A glass or mercury lamp can sparkle like jewelry for a room while a ceramic lamp can be used as a pop of accent color.  Wooden lamps offer an organic, textural look.  Shades are also coming different shapes and sizes these days, with a growing variety of fabric and trim designs to choose from.





Currently trending?  All-white lamps.  They are the most versatile; brightening a space with their hue and working well with every wall color.


“The most important thing?  Perfect lighting at all times.”  Oscar de la Renta