Luminara Magic


We love our candles, here at Summer House, and over the holidays we introduced a new line that we were especially excited to share with our customers: Luminara.

Luminara candles are flameless, but they’re a far cry from the usual, dull, slow-flickering glow common to battery-powered alternatives. These candles dance and flicker in an incredibly realistic way with the bright, white, shine of real flame. Customers are constantly amazed to find that they aren’t “real.”

We stock our Luminaras in an attractive ivory pillar style with heights ranging from 5”-9”. One of the best parts about them is the light, pleasantly-cozy, vanilla scent they release. It’s subtle enough to be well-tolerated by even the most scent-sensitive, but has a nice way of freshening a room.

Interestingly, Luminara candles were first created for Disney (or “imagineered,” as they like to call it). Fans of the theme park may remember them from the Haunted Mansion, in particular! The realistic effect comes from the “chaos engine” that powers the waves and dips of the artificial flame. An interior LED light shines upwards at the tip for the perfect ombre effect.

luminarahurricane1Aside from their elegant and realistic looks, Luminara candles offer the usual benefits of a flameless; namely safety. These are perfect in homes with small children or energetic animals, for carefree outdoor entertaining, and to light front porches in welcome. And in case that’s not enough, these little marvels of technology come with an extra feature: remote control! Yes, finally a candle that you can control with the click of a button.