There’s something so appealing about a perfectly made bed. When all the elements are pieced together just right, it can create a whole new look for your bedroom.

 bed post 4

First things first is getting the layers right. After the sheets are on, we like to put a coverlet or a matelassé on top. This is a great way to create a neutral base, before adding a fun pattern to the mix. We love this Indigo quilt as a fun pop color, folded over at the end of the bed.

Bed Post 5

Next it’s time to accessories with throws, fun pillows, or a cozy robe.

bed post 1Pillow 1Bed post 9

Add a calming candle to your bedside table or spritz your bed with a nice smelling room spray like this one from Mer-Sea Co.

Bed post 8 Bed post 7