Time for a Winter Refresh….


After taking down the Christmas greenery and holiday décor, your home can start to feel a little bare.  January is a great time to focus on refreshing your home.  Spending some time organizing and de-cluttering rooms, bookcases, closets and drawers can make a positive affect on your mood and make your home a more enjoyable space.


Here are some quick and easy ways to update and refresh your home.



Less is more when it comes to decorating open shelves.  Don’t jam shelves with too many knickknacks.  Sort through books and find a place to donate old paperbacks.  Replace half of your family photos with new pictures and gather from around your house and group in one place where you can enjoy them.


Lampsphoto (3)

Split up pairs of lamps that are on either side of the sofa and use them in different corners of your space. Purchase a unique floor lamp for next to your sofa and let it be the jewelry in the room.


Arta14028 touch the sky 48x48 arylic on canvas

Every room needs a focal point.  Invest in a large piece of art to hang on the wall – it will set your room apart from everyone else.



Bring light and interest to a dark hallway by adding a unique mirror.



Buy a pretty tray and group items on tray for a whole new look.



Replace faded and dated pillows with colorful graphic pillows.  You’ll feel like you have a whole new space.

photo (2)